Monday, January 31, 2011

Born in the USA

Ryan Baxley American Birthday Party Americana style 1970s inspired Photography by Noa Boss Groundup Pirates Agency
Ryan Baxley FIDLAR the band
Cayla in 1960s van
American bbq party
view of highland park los angeles
Elvis Kuehn Max Kuehn Ryan Baxley and Olin and the Moon
fun times
Boys playing basketball
Danny Roberts of Igor and Andre fashion illustrator and Sean Cimino of Foster the People
Alice Baxley makes flag cake
Ryan Baxley
fourth of july decor
Alice Baxley Noa Boss Laporga
Here's a handful of photos from Ryan's American birthday party. We had so much fun! Thanks to everyone that made it out!!

Photos taken by: Cayla Mccrae, Noa and me.

Friday, January 28, 2011


Valentines Day Wish List Fashion Accessory
I've been seeing a lot of neutral color schemes and thought I'd compile them into a heart in honor of Valentines Day coming up soon. Last year, my husband took me to New York for Valentines Day and I had so much fun! It was right around New York Fashion Week as well so I got to meet up with a ton of friends that were there for it. My favorite memory was when we walked through Central Park in the snow. It was so magical, it was like Narnia!
Were not going this year for Valentine's Day but we are going for our anniversary in April. We booked our own little apartment in the cutest neighborhood of Carroll Gardens. I can't wait to hang out with my awesome friends, Dan & Rita!

Where to buy:
Topshop lipgloss, Erie Basin diamond ring, YSL heels, Nars nail polish in Orgasm, Michael Kors Watch, Marc Jacobs Purse, Chloe Fragrance, Alexander McQueen ring, Heart diamond ring, Stella McCartney bra and panties, Benjamin Sunglasses, Tocca Fragrance, Dieppa Restrepo Oxfords, Love Necklace, Rose Gold Heart Ring, Miu Miu wallet

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Jellyfish and Sky

Emma Cook
Emma Cook
Emma Cook
Emma Cook has some amazing prints right now. I am in love with the first top jellyfish dress. Its so dreamy and sorta makes you move like a jelly fish from the soft silky fabric to the cut of the dress that resembles the jellyfish itself. If I had this dress, I would float around the room with such grace haha. Anyway, I thought that the use of photography in prints are an amazing way to bring a fresh look to any garment. For example, these scarves that just makes me want to daydream all day long...*sigh*
Here's my favorite one.
Sky silk Scarf

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

come to mama

Rachel Comey boots Spring 2011
I have a long lasting crush on Rachel Comey shoes. A few months ago, I got lucky and scored the Ipswich Oxford Wedges on sale. I see there's a couple sizes left here. Not as good as a deal as I got but still a fraction of the retail price. Can't wait to see the rest of the Spring 2011 collection.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Virgin Suicides

Virgin Suicides style inspiration board 1970s style
Virgin Suicides style inspiration board 1970s style outfits
Virgin Suicides style inspiration 1970s style
Virgin Suicides style inspiration 1970s style outfits
Virgin Suicides style inspiration
Good Morning! Hope you guys had a great weekend. I had a fun weekend hanging out with my in laws and also went to see my brother's band play at a house party in eagle rock. When we first got to the house, it was just a bunch of younger girls just sitting on the couch talking quietly and it immediately reminded me of the scene in Virgin Suicides when they had a birthday party for one of the sisters in the basement. It was so awkward yet filled with youthful memories. ahhh to be young again. *sigh*
Today's post is a tribute to being young, innocent and naive from the world. I love the colors in this movie so much. It has such a great vibe and adds to much to the overall mood of the film. Sofia Coppola is one of my favorites!

I just watched Somewhere a few days ago as well and I liked it a lot. That Elle Fanning is soooo adorable!

outfit 1: bellbottoms, bow blouse, polka dot bathingsuit/bodysuit, hasbeen swedish clog sandals, chloe makeup bag, floral headband
outfit 2: Anna Sui floral maxi dress, chloe wedge sandal, moxi lolly rollerskates, nars nail polish in pokerface, bikini, crosby turntable, pink jar, floral coat hanger

Friday, January 21, 2011

steven alan spring 2011

Steven Alan Spring 2011 collection
Steven Alan Spring 2011 collection
Steven Alan Spring 2011 collection
Steven Alan Spring 2011 collection
Steven Alan Spring 2011 collection
Steven Alan Spring 2011 collection
How cute is this collection? I adore the first dress with the detail of the pleats and low back. This makes me so excited for the summer. Next week is my husband's birthday and we are throwing a 4th of July type bbq party which totally makes me wish it was the summer already. I will update with pictures from the party.
Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Hawaiian New Years

sunset in hawaii holiday with Alice Baxley fashion blogger and photographer
La Mariana Yacht Club Hawaii
fish tank at La Mariana Yacht Club Hawaii
new years toast with Alice Baxley
boats at La Mariana Yacht Club in Hawaii at sunset
Ryan Baxley
Monk Seal in Hawaii seen by Ryan Baxley
Alice Baxley in Hawaii
Rainbow in Hawaii
Just a handful of pictures I took while on vacation in hawaii. *sigh* take me back. It was so relaxing and so different when it was just Ryan and I. Usually my whole family is there along with other guests that stay there while it is surfing season. My father is a surfboard shaper and in hawaii the surf is usually really big during the fall to winter months. Its during those months that surfers from all over the world professionally and not all gather to watch the best in the world compete in the many series of contest that are held in hawaii. So the holidays are always hectic for my parents. My mom usually has a zillion dinner parties and people from the surf industry come and socialize. So, whenever I think of the holidays, I think of 1. surfing/ surfers/ surf contests and CROWDED beaches. 2. good food from mom's dinner parties 3. seeing many faces that you only see once a year. 4. sneaking wine to drink while mom was too busy with everyone else.
ahh so many memories.
Anyway, this trip was very quiet, relaxing. We honestly didn't leave the beach at all. It was fantastic. It really rejuvanated my love for the beach. Ryan even got to see a hawaiian monk seal laying out in front and that is quite rare. Those guys are an endangered species!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

karen walker number six

Karen Walker Number Six Sunglasses worn by Alice Baxley
Karen Walker Number Six Sunglasses worn by blogger Alice Baxley
Got these awesome sunglasses for Christmas from Ryan. I am obsessed with them because they are HUGE and make me almost look like a cartoon character or an asian Edith Head and they also remind me of the style that was so popular in the 1940s. I love Karen Walker Sunglasses and if I could would buy a zillion more pairs!
Thanks, Ryan! xx

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hanging out with the UNI-CREW

Fashionsquad Carolina Engman in Los Angeles with Alice Baxley
Fashionsquad Carolina Engman at the flea market in Los Angeles
Fashionsquad Carolina Engman and Alice Baxley friends unicorn squad
Camille Engman Carolina Engman sister
Gnome face Carolina Engman
BBQ dinner for JJ Magazine Japan with Carolina Engman and Alice Baxley
Bowling with Fashionsquad and Alice Baxley

More photos of hanging out with Carolina and her sister, Camilla. Gotta love those Swedes!
Had such a blast being goofy and venturing all over Los Angeles. We went to 2 flea markets, 2 sephoras, Jet Rag and managed to squeeze in a game of the worst bowling game ever hahaha. It was fun but I think I need to practice my bowling skills just a little bit. HA.
Also on a make up tip, I bought Diorkin Nude foundation. Its amazing! Will update with pics later.
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