Friday, January 28, 2011


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Valentines Day Wish List Fashion Accessory
I've been seeing a lot of neutral color schemes and thought I'd compile them into a heart in honor of Valentines Day coming up soon. Last year, my husband took me to New York for Valentines Day and I had so much fun! It was right around New York Fashion Week as well so I got to meet up with a ton of friends that were there for it. My favorite memory was when we walked through Central Park in the snow. It was so magical, it was like Narnia!
Were not going this year for Valentine's Day but we are going for our anniversary in April. We booked our own little apartment in the cutest neighborhood of Carroll Gardens. I can't wait to hang out with my awesome friends, Dan & Rita!

Where to buy:
Topshop lipgloss, Erie Basin diamond ring, YSL heels, Nars nail polish in Orgasm, Michael Kors Watch, Marc Jacobs Purse, Chloe Fragrance, Alexander McQueen ring, Heart diamond ring, Stella McCartney bra and panties, Benjamin Sunglasses, Tocca Fragrance, Dieppa Restrepo Oxfords, Love Necklace, Rose Gold Heart Ring, Miu Miu wallet

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Coury Combs said...

I always find lots of things to "almost buy but decide not to" in your little collages. :)

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