Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Hawaiian New Years

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sunset in hawaii holiday with Alice Baxley fashion blogger and photographer
La Mariana Yacht Club Hawaii
fish tank at La Mariana Yacht Club Hawaii
new years toast with Alice Baxley
boats at La Mariana Yacht Club in Hawaii at sunset
Ryan Baxley
Monk Seal in Hawaii seen by Ryan Baxley
Alice Baxley in Hawaii
Rainbow in Hawaii
Just a handful of pictures I took while on vacation in hawaii. *sigh* take me back. It was so relaxing and so different when it was just Ryan and I. Usually my whole family is there along with other guests that stay there while it is surfing season. My father is a surfboard shaper and in hawaii the surf is usually really big during the fall to winter months. Its during those months that surfers from all over the world professionally and not all gather to watch the best in the world compete in the many series of contest that are held in hawaii. So the holidays are always hectic for my parents. My mom usually has a zillion dinner parties and people from the surf industry come and socialize. So, whenever I think of the holidays, I think of 1. surfing/ surfers/ surf contests and CROWDED beaches. 2. good food from mom's dinner parties 3. seeing many faces that you only see once a year. 4. sneaking wine to drink while mom was too busy with everyone else.
ahh so many memories.
Anyway, this trip was very quiet, relaxing. We honestly didn't leave the beach at all. It was fantastic. It really rejuvanated my love for the beach. Ryan even got to see a hawaiian monk seal laying out in front and that is quite rare. Those guys are an endangered species!


Cateaclysmic said...

Oh wow it looks so dreamy, you had a wonderful time xoxo

Shilpi Tomar said...

Beautiful photographs! Glad you had an amazing time in Hawaii



Lola Jaro said...

sooo jealous!


Rita said...

Nice pic of the monk seal! He got em just in time before that grouchy old woman started scolding him for being closer than 100 feet. Meanwhile I googled it and there is not law about exact feet except in the case of a whale!

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