Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lipstick & A Novel

Alice Baxley Stylist Clouds and Candy Summer Outfit A.P.C. Floral Dress J. Crew Black Wedge Sandal Dores Brass Necklace Chloe Sunglasses Urban Outfitters Beige Bag Madewell Pink Belt Hippy Summer Look
Today's outfit was inspired by Nars' Lipstick in 'SCHIAP'. I love how the pink brings a pop of color into the whole look. I saw it on Maggie Gyllanhaal at the oscars and she looked so lovely. Hope you all are having a good week. I'm gettin over a weird sore throat cold. I slept for like 18 hours so I am well rested and hopefully will be better by tomorrow. I also was going to post that video of Sarah Jaffe but I'm having trouble with youtube at the moment so, I'll post it as soon as I figure out why it wont upload. Could be that my internet cuts in and out all the time...
In other news, Harper Lee broke her silence after years of recluse but under one condition: NO DISCUSSING HER BOOK, TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD. like WTH???? talk about book blue balls (excuse my analogy). hahaha. I don't understand these geniuses that write a master peice and go into hiding for a zillion years. *sigh* Well, we love them anyway. Recluse or not, I am thankful for the book she's written cause it sure made my high school literature class worth while.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunset Sandal

Alice Baxley Outfit Post Stylist Madewell Sunset Sandal Summer 2010
So after months of stalking this sandal, I finally got them this past weekend! They are so cute and can be worn with practically anything. I first saw them with Alexa Chung's Fall Madewell collection seen with socks and tights and I will be doing just that with my fall outfits.
Hope everyone had a great weekend! I am somewhat getting sick. Ryan hasnt been feeling too good either so we stocked up on some emergen-C. Hopefully, it wont turn into a full blown cold. I have a busy week ahead of me! argh.
Oh and I also video'ed Sarah Jaffe so I will be puttin it up in my next post so you can all hear her beautiful voice.
T minus 8 days till hawaii. :)

Friday, June 25, 2010


Alice Baxley Stylist Oufit Post Clouds and Candy Rachel Comey shirt APC Cat Brooch Chloe Mustard Sandals Steven Alan Shorts and Rachel Comey Backpack
whoooooooooa dudes, such a busy week it has been! I am looking forward to laying around in my jammies haha. Maybe a few episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasum (the one with the Seinfield characters) that I just bought last night while on a weird "bored" late night target run. I always end up spending more money that I expect when I go to Target... cie la vie. OHHH OHHH, here something exciting: Sarah Jaffee who I have been a huge fan of for a while will be playing at the Bootleg Theatre in Los Angeles. If you got the time, you should come.

Sarah Jaffe on Vimeo.

I also forgot to mention that I got to meet Geri Hirsch of Because I'm Addicted. She is incredibly beautiful, sweet and fun.
I love that she has taken an interest in cooking and challenged herself to build her skills in the kitchen. I think for most girls, this naturally happens to us especially the older we get. We become more domestic and instead of shopping for those coveted boots, you instead spend countless hours at Sur La Table trying to buy the right potato peeler. This actually didn't happen to me till I got married. Suddenly there was this pressure to "cook" for my husband. I have dabbled from time to time but, when the pressure was on, it was time for me as a wife to STEP IT UP. Luckily, I have a mom that comes to visit every month and each time she comes, she teaches me one recipe. I have gotten better and was even able to pull off a turkey this past year with help from Brandon who also takes interest in cooking.
We've always planned on taking one night out of the week and take turns hosting a dinner party in which we would all learn how to cook specific recipes and celebrate with a feast after. Our schedules haven't worked out for it but maybe when he gets back from tour.
My mom made a variation of this recipe last time she was out and thought it was simple and easy enough to share with you. We got it from Lottie + Doof that I have experimented a couple times but it is really good mac+cheese.

Lottie and Doof Mac and Cheese Recipe Alice Baxley Clouds and Candy Blog

Thank you, Geri for reminding me that cooking is cool! xx

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh Thursday, I don't care about you...

Thursday Outfit post by Alice Baxley Stylist Wren Tanktop Madewell shoes and shorts Nutsa handbag Summer Outfit 2010
Oh I don't care if Mondays blue
Tuesday's gray and Wednesday too
Thursday I don't care about you
It's Friday, I'm in love!!
A lil cure for you this morning! I got to go to a benefit shopping event at Revolve clothing in West Hollywood last night with my favorite Roberts brothers, David & Danny! It was really fun to hang out and meet a ton of amazing people. Claudine from Think PR was putting on the event. She was so sweet as well as Jennifer from Think PR's Los Angeles office!
Thank you, Claudine for inviting us!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Throw it on: Wednesday Outfit

Alice Baxley Stylist Outfit Post Wren Clothing Madewell sandals Comme Des Garcon Perfume United Bamboo sunglasses and Nutsa handbag Summer Dress Outfit 2010
Starting my outfit posts back up due to a few friends telling me they liked it. So here is today's outfit. A cute dress from Wren. I really like the print and color combo. The dress has a soft airy shape suitable for all body figures since it doesn't hug too much. I also love it because its comfy and so easy to throw on for those hot summer days after a swim in the pool.

In other news, Istarted watching old shows that I used to watch when I was in junior high. haha. like my so called life and Daria. Oh the 90s! Fun stuff right there. Man, I am dating myself now... well, hope you have a great wednesday. I cant wait till the weekend already.

T minus 13 days till hawaii. I CANT WAIT!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Just a few things that caught my eye while I was online window shopping. Most of them are from Steven Alan & Rachel Comey of course. :) I am really liking the color combination of the light blue with tomato red. I have been somewhat been experimenting with color more in my wardrobe. Maybe because its summer and I feel more fun? hehe. Anyway, t minus 15 more days till I get to go to hawaii. Anyone else going on a fun vacation this summer? One day I would LOVE to go to Denmark and Iceland. I have made new friends with Kashmir and they have totally converted me into a Denmark fan! haha. Check them out.
Music is definantly such a big influence on me. Like fashion, it can change the way you feel just by putting it on. I really like the fact that when you put on a certain song, it triggers memories and can have such an impact on you. Its the same with certain outfits I wear, I remember this one shirt that I have and everytime I see it, it brings me back so much fun memories of high school because it was my favorite at the time. Do you have a favorite garment that brings back a certain memory or feeling?

Monday, June 21, 2010


Rooney plays The Music Box at Henry Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles California Brandon Schwartzel playing bass for Rooney Robert Schwartzman sings
Happy Monday! I had a fun filled weekend. Got to watch toy story 3 and I loved it! I cried haha! I recommend you all go watch it! Also got to see my friend Brandon play with Rooney at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Hollywood. It was so awesome to see him up there playing with a great band! All of us were so proud and excited for him. He leaves tonight with Rooney for a tour all over the US. Go check out their website for tour info!
Good luck to you, Brando! You will be sorely missed :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Hahahahaha. Wish I had moves like this guy! Happy Fathers Day everyone!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Aloha 'Oe

Hawaii Inspiration vintage images girls in 1960s swimsuits and Elvis Presley in Blue Hawaii
Hawaii Inspiration vintage postcards and map girl in vintage bikinis
Hawaii inspiration outfit vintage inspired bikini beach chairs reading Ernest Hemingway and sipping maitais
In just a few week, I will be going to hawaii for a week with my best friend Jen. I am so excited to be back home and just relax on the beach. Its funny that now that I moved away, I appreciate being home so much more and cannot wait to get to my parents house! They live right on the beach so that is also a nice bonus. I was originally suppose to go with Ryan but he has to work so he he is letting me go without him. He's the best husband EVER! He works so incredibly hard and I am really lucky girl!
So, today's outfit post is inspired by the movie BLUE HAWAII with Elvis. haha. So incredibly kitchy but I couldnt help it! I will be sure to take a ton of photos so that you will be able to see why I love hawaii so much besides the obvious glorious weather and beaches. Hawaii has a charm that you cannot find anywhere else and the people there are always so warm. Hopefully next summer there will be another trip lined up with more friends to experience it with.
Being by the ocean always makes me want to re read Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea. In fact, I will be doing just that on my trip ;) I love all of his books. I recommend any of them!

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Graduate

The Graduate at the Los Angeles Theatre from Los Angeles Conservancy celebrating 1960s turning 50 years old Bringing Back Broadway series
The Graduate Mrs Robinson in leopard vintage 1960s outfit inspiration Dustin Hoffman
Movie inspiration outfit inspired by The Graduate Mrs Robinson

I was very fortunate to be able to attend Los Angeles Conservancy's Bringing Back Broadway series called Last Remaining Seats. It is an organization that helps promote and restore Downtown Los Angeles. Every year they screen old classic movies at various Los Angeles Theatres as a way to get people to come experience a night in downtown. Ryan and I got to see The Sting last year at the Orpheum Theatre which is such a beautiful theatre. There was a Question and Answer with the director of the movie right before it and a famous organist that played before and after the movie. This year, we saw The Graduate. I was so excited and thrilled to be able to see it at the Los Angeles Theatre. It is a breath taking theatre that I would love to come back to again and again. People have forgotten about how amazing downtown is! It takes me back to how old hollywood glamour used to be. Oh how I wish it were like that again! To be able to experience watching one of Ryan and I's favorite movie at the Los Angeles Theatre was such a treat. The producer of the film was there to talk about his experience in making the film and I left so inspired.
As a tribute to the film, I decided to wear an outfit that is inspired by Mrs Robinson. Unfortunately, I dont have a pictures of my full outfit with my coat, shoes and purse but here are a few that I took with my laptop so you have an idea. Sorry about the low quality in pictures. haha. Someday, I will get a nice camera.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Kling Summer 2010

Kling Summer 2010 collection whimsical photography by the beach vintage inspired dresses
Kling Summer 2010 collection whimsical photography by the beach girls in blue dress and summer hat
Kling Summer 2010 collection whimsical photography girl in blue dress and headband
Kling Summer 2010 collection whimsical photography girl in flower dress on dock vintage inspired
Kling Summer 2010 collection whimsical photography girls laying on the beach wearing vintage inspired white dresses
Kling Summer 2010 collection whimsical photography girls in vintage inspired floral dress
Kling Summer 2010 collection whimsical photography girls in 1920s inspired white dresses on boat by the dock

I love these photos from Kling's summer 2010 lookbook. My favorite photo is of the girls laying in the sand. It has such a great vintage feel to it! This totally makes me want to be on the beach with a cute white summer dress on! What do you guys think?
Oh and I found out that they are based in Madrid, Spain! I got to go to spain a few years ago and stayed by the Cadiz which is on the very bottom along the coastline of Spain. One day I'd like to go back and drink sangrias and eat the delicious paella from a little cafe across from the beach. Such great memories and such a cute collection!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Boutique Alert: W Closet

W Closet Japanese Boutique in Tokyo Shibuya very whimsical and hippie sheik store front
W Closet Japanese Boutique in Tokyo Shibuya store display and counter space woodsy and hippie chic
W Closet Japanese Boutique in Tokyo Shibuya
W Closet Japanese Boutique Girl in short hair wearing cute Tokyo style clothes with a boater hat
W Closet Japanese Boutique Shop Girl in overalls and boater hat
W Closet Japanese Boutique Editorial in Japanese Fashion Magazine
W Closet Japanese Boutique Editorial in Japanese Fashion Magazine
W Closet Japanese Boutique Editorial in Japanese Fashion Magazine
Hey guys,
I have been extremely busy! I helped my brother and a few friends move into their studio/loft. It is such a cool place! It has a sound proof live room for recording music, a roof with beautiful views of LA and a big back parking lot that they are going to make into a basketball court and skate half pipe. Anyway, it has been fun helping them clean, paint and set up camp there. Another thing I have been crazy busy with is birthday parties. Wow. I went to about 5 birthday parties in one weekend. It was fun but exhausting!
I can't believe its been so nice and hot lately. I hope I get some time to hit the beach.
Thank you for being patient with me while I figure out a new way to upload images so that they all load. Danny's (Igor + Andre') forever 21 shirts are in stores now and have been selling like hot cakes! So so excited and proud of him. I bought 2 and have been wearing them to death. haha.

Today's post is a boutique in Tokyo, Japan called W Closet. The store is filled with so many cute clothes, bags and shoes that I wanted to be teleported so I could browse and buy one of everything. Unfortunately, there is not a store in the US so if you plan on doing some shopping while visiting in Tokyo, make a note of this boutique! I love Japanese interpretation of american and european fashion!

images via Style-Arena
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