Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunset Sandal

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Alice Baxley Outfit Post Stylist Madewell Sunset Sandal Summer 2010
So after months of stalking this sandal, I finally got them this past weekend! They are so cute and can be worn with practically anything. I first saw them with Alexa Chung's Fall Madewell collection seen with socks and tights and I will be doing just that with my fall outfits.
Hope everyone had a great weekend! I am somewhat getting sick. Ryan hasnt been feeling too good either so we stocked up on some emergen-C. Hopefully, it wont turn into a full blown cold. I have a busy week ahead of me! argh.
Oh and I also video'ed Sarah Jaffe so I will be puttin it up in my next post so you can all hear her beautiful voice.
T minus 8 days till hawaii. :)

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Anonymous said...

Had a quesiton about the sunset sandal. Did you have to size up in these? There are no half sizes available. I wear a 6-6.5, was wondering if i'd be better up get the next size up.

Btw, they look great on you!

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