Friday, June 25, 2010


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whoooooooooa dudes, such a busy week it has been! I am looking forward to laying around in my jammies haha. Maybe a few episodes of Curb Your Enthusiasum (the one with the Seinfield characters) that I just bought last night while on a weird "bored" late night target run. I always end up spending more money that I expect when I go to Target... cie la vie. OHHH OHHH, here something exciting: Sarah Jaffee who I have been a huge fan of for a while will be playing at the Bootleg Theatre in Los Angeles. If you got the time, you should come.

Sarah Jaffe on Vimeo.

I also forgot to mention that I got to meet Geri Hirsch of Because I'm Addicted. She is incredibly beautiful, sweet and fun.
I love that she has taken an interest in cooking and challenged herself to build her skills in the kitchen. I think for most girls, this naturally happens to us especially the older we get. We become more domestic and instead of shopping for those coveted boots, you instead spend countless hours at Sur La Table trying to buy the right potato peeler. This actually didn't happen to me till I got married. Suddenly there was this pressure to "cook" for my husband. I have dabbled from time to time but, when the pressure was on, it was time for me as a wife to STEP IT UP. Luckily, I have a mom that comes to visit every month and each time she comes, she teaches me one recipe. I have gotten better and was even able to pull off a turkey this past year with help from Brandon who also takes interest in cooking.
We've always planned on taking one night out of the week and take turns hosting a dinner party in which we would all learn how to cook specific recipes and celebrate with a feast after. Our schedules haven't worked out for it but maybe when he gets back from tour.
My mom made a variation of this recipe last time she was out and thought it was simple and easy enough to share with you. We got it from Lottie + Doof that I have experimented a couple times but it is really good mac+cheese.

Lottie and Doof Mac and Cheese Recipe Alice Baxley Clouds and Candy Blog

Thank you, Geri for reminding me that cooking is cool! xx


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Well, I am no good cook. But I can tell that the dish is super yummy. I'm craving for it now....

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