Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Throw it on: Wednesday Outfit

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Starting my outfit posts back up due to a few friends telling me they liked it. So here is today's outfit. A cute dress from Wren. I really like the print and color combo. The dress has a soft airy shape suitable for all body figures since it doesn't hug too much. I also love it because its comfy and so easy to throw on for those hot summer days after a swim in the pool.

In other news, Istarted watching old shows that I used to watch when I was in junior high. haha. like my so called life and Daria. Oh the 90s! Fun stuff right there. Man, I am dating myself now... well, hope you have a great wednesday. I cant wait till the weekend already.

T minus 13 days till hawaii. I CANT WAIT!

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