Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hanging out with the UNI-CREW

I'm reading: Hanging out with the UNI-CREWTweet this!
Fashionsquad Carolina Engman in Los Angeles with Alice Baxley
Fashionsquad Carolina Engman at the flea market in Los Angeles
Fashionsquad Carolina Engman and Alice Baxley friends unicorn squad
Camille Engman Carolina Engman sister
Gnome face Carolina Engman
BBQ dinner for JJ Magazine Japan with Carolina Engman and Alice Baxley
Bowling with Fashionsquad and Alice Baxley

More photos of hanging out with Carolina and her sister, Camilla. Gotta love those Swedes!
Had such a blast being goofy and venturing all over Los Angeles. We went to 2 flea markets, 2 sephoras, Jet Rag and managed to squeeze in a game of the worst bowling game ever hahaha. It was fun but I think I need to practice my bowling skills just a little bit. HA.
Also on a make up tip, I bought Diorkin Nude foundation. Its amazing! Will update with pics later.

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