Monday, September 19, 2011

Violently (H)appy

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bjork cover: Dazed and confused
I cannot express to you how much I am in awe and completely inspired by this woman. She has been around for a long time yet manages to create brilliant innovative music each round. I love her sense of total abandon to her art and music. Completely fearless to what others think. She creates such a magical world inviting you in it. Much like the late Lee Alexander McQueen, she is able to see past this world and into other ones through creativity and imagination. They both have this extraordinary ability to embrace the future while drawing influences from history.
Here is Dazed & Confused 200th Issue in which she is a guest editor. I absolutely love these colorful images that coincide with her new album. Photography by Sam Falls and styled by Katy England bjork: dazed and confused bjork: dazed and confused bjork spread: dazed and confused bjork

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