Saturday, September 17, 2011

Alexa Chung x Madewell Fall 2011 Look Book

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I was dying to see the actual look book for Alexa Chung x Madewell collection and its finally out! I don't see the polka dot blouse from the video and the dress in the video was a creamy pink/beige color and in the look book here, its red. So, perhaps there are other options that will be revealed at the opening party. Any of these strike you? I am really eyeing those leopard boots and the black coat the most or perhaps the lace top or dress. Haven't decided yet. ALEXA x MADEWELL COLLECTION

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Fé... said...

I heart that lacy white dress, so much! So feminine and lovely. On second thought, I love the vermilion dress too, floaty. Aaaah, I just love them all in conclusion. Alexa does wonders with Madewell!

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