Thursday, January 6, 2011

You're right around the corner

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Madewell Spring 2011 collection inspiration jcrew girls neutrals long skirt and maxi dress trends
Madewell Spring 2011 collection neutral color fashion inspirations jcrew girl trends
hello, spring. I see you and you're right around the corner! It's crazy how time is just flying by. I just got back from my 2 week vacation from northern california where it was really cold and wet and then tropical weather of high 80s in my hometown of hawaii!
I have tons of pics that I will upload soon. My vacation is still not completely over I'm off friday again for a fun weekend with my BFF while Ryan goes off with our friend Brandon to a all boys desert camping trip. They are gonna shoot guns and light stuff on fire while Jen and I sip on cocktails by the pool and catch up.
After buying almost the entire Alexa Chung for Madewell collection, I banned myself from Madewell for a while, until I took a peek at the new spring collection. I love the play of neutral colors here. Its smart for the fall to spring transition and can mix well with other pieces you got going on in your closet. I have been really impressed by their shoes. I have both the sunset sandal (FYI: most comfortable sandal EVER) and the westway clog and well on my way to purchase those aberdeen oxfords soon. The spring 2011 sandals look pretty cute too but I would have to go see them in person to be certain. Can't wait to see this collection in person.

Happy New Years!
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