Tuesday, June 22, 2010


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Just a few things that caught my eye while I was online window shopping. Most of them are from Steven Alan & Rachel Comey of course. :) I am really liking the color combination of the light blue with tomato red. I have been somewhat been experimenting with color more in my wardrobe. Maybe because its summer and I feel more fun? hehe. Anyway, t minus 15 more days till I get to go to hawaii. Anyone else going on a fun vacation this summer? One day I would LOVE to go to Denmark and Iceland. I have made new friends with Kashmir and they have totally converted me into a Denmark fan! haha. Check them out.
Music is definantly such a big influence on me. Like fashion, it can change the way you feel just by putting it on. I really like the fact that when you put on a certain song, it triggers memories and can have such an impact on you. Its the same with certain outfits I wear, I remember this one shirt that I have and everytime I see it, it brings me back so much fun memories of high school because it was my favorite at the time. Do you have a favorite garment that brings back a certain memory or feeling?


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I like the red shoes. You should get them.

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