Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Magical Video.

I'm reading: A Magical Video.Tweet this!
I normally won't post anything too personal but I couldn't help it.
Here's a lil preview of my wedding that happened back in April. Its magical.
*sigh* so many good memories... Thank you to all my friends that helped out so much.
The footage was taken by Danny Roberts along with my husband.
Hope you like it!


Amy said...

Adorable :) Great filming.

Igor+andré said...

woot woot looks amazing! :)

Alice said...

Thanks, Danny & Amy.
The moment went by so fast that I'm glad it was captured on video.

Benje Williams said...

so amazing!!
how am i just now seeing this??

and shout out to the photographer who captured the first kiss!
oh boi boi :)

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