Friday, July 10, 2009

Finally moved.

I'm reading: Finally moved.Tweet this!

Hey everyone! Sorry for my absence. I recently moved with my husband to Pasadena and have been so busy with the packing and unpacking. I am so excited to live in a new place that has hardwood floors. Its a tiny place but very quaint and is a bungalow! Plenty of trees and greenery around us to shade us from the hot sun. I also started working on a few of my own designs and as soon as I get those roughed out I will be sewing up a storm and introducing an online store. The online store will be a mix of my own designs as well as vintage finds.
I also am happy to be back interning for Itsola. Lauren just designed some great summer casual pieces that I am dying to wear!


Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend!
P.S. Who is going to see opening midnight showing of HARRY POTTER?????!!!
Outfit: thrift store sailor shirt, swap meet sunglasses, Joe Jean cutt offs, Urban Outfitters shoes, Castledoor tote


Lainey said...

Good to have you back! I'm so jealous you moved to Pasadena. That's where my husband and I are from, and cannot wait to move back. As of right now we're living the valley, and we hate it here. But I'm glad you like it so much.

I'll be seeing the midnight showing of harry Potter Tuesday night with my sister. I'm super excited.

Alice said...

So what did you think of Harry Potter?????!!!!


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