Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Medeski Martin and Wood, LA weekend

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So a few people even know who medeski martin and wood is. I didnt know either till someone introduced me about 5 years ago. I saw them at the Coach House in San Juan Capistrano and I sat a couple feet away from the stage. It was great and an experience that I couldnt really explain unless you were there experiencing incredible musicians just jamming out for 2 hours. I was entertained with all the hippies dancing and in no doubt high out of their minds. Alot of people assume that you have to be high in order to enjoy it. I dont think so at all. They are refreshing because they solely rely on their raw talent and energy to captivate your attention. So, I dont mind when girl with the dreads accidently steps on my foot as she is in her groovey dance moves because the smile on her face is as big as mine when they play that funky beat.
They played at the El Rey this past friday. Ryan, Craig, Eddie and I went and got up real close to the stage.

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