Thursday, November 3, 2011

chloe kids!

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chloe childrenswear

I have been doing so much research for a new project and I came across this cute Chloe childrenswear line. I usually don't post childrenswear but come on, this is just too cute! I mean look at that little coat. I am looking forward to dressing my little one, one day. Probably won't be doing Chloe but Ralph Lauren, Gap kids and have you seen Zara's line? absolutely adorable! Hope you are having a great week. I am still recovering from a crazy weekend. I am looking forward to taking it easy this weekend and watching The Rum Diary, based off a book by Hunter S. Thompson. I am hoping it does the book justice. Not a real big fan of Johnny Depp lately. Have any of you seen the movie yet? How is it?


Kendra Jane said...

omg. so adorbs! thanks for sharing

Simone Leblanc said...

Love this.

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