Friday, July 22, 2011

joshua tree

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joshua tree

As promised, my photos from my weekend joshua tree camping trip I went on with Ryan, my brother and his friend Christina.
I just got back from palm springs so I'll put my photos up from that trip as well. Blogging is a funny thing. No content can truly be "yours" unless you are actually taking the photos or in the photos so, I've decided to put more of my personal life into this blog because that is really the only original content: Me. No one can be you. No one can be me. We are all different with different perspectives thats what makes each person unique. Thats what makes each blog so different from the next, no?
Have a great weekend and take a photo or two to capture beautiful moments of your life.


wood chuck
t rex
mountain man


dani said...

i love the pic with the T-Rex!

leila said...

so much fun! joshua tree AND palm springs. i love the desert.

Sally Thomas said...

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Sarah Cook said...

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