Monday, June 20, 2011

wiksten made: summer collection

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HUGE HUGE fan of wikstenmade. Designer Jenny Gordy (pictured at the table) is an extremely talented girl. She sews, she drafts her own patterns, knits, and takes pretty photos. I adore her cute style and admire her patience with sewing. There was a time when all I did was sew and I swear I would get so frustrated at times that sometimes I would have to take breaks in between projects and....well, let's just say I haven't touched the sewing machine for months. But after seeing her new summer collection, I think I need to bust that wiksten pattern I bought a while ago and have another crack at it. This summer is for sewing and DIY projects. Maybe next time I will have a drink in my other hand to keep me sane.

WIKSTENMADE: summer collection

all photos from Jenny's blog. Please, do yourself a favor and go to her blog.

WIKSTENMADE: Summer collection


Simone Leblanc said...

Love this collection and wikstenmade! Thanks for sharing.

Kate said...

omg. I really love her stuff. I want that blue and white print dress. You kinda look like the model. pretty!

Unknown said...

love these photos! going to check her out now :)

<3 steffy
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