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The Classics Series: Liska Cole

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To kick off the spring season, I have started a "Classic Series", asking a few of my friends who have amazing style what their top 5 classic pieces from their wardrobe that they just can't live without. I've always been interested in different peoples perspective and personal styles. I think its just a reflection of who you are and is something that really makes you stand out from everyone else. First up, is my lovely friend Liska Cole. I met Liska a few years ago through mutual musician friends. She was in a band called Castledoor along with her husband and a few other of my friends. The one thing that has always stuck out to me about Liska is her very unique style. She always surprises me with what she wears. Things that you would never think would work, she is able to throw on and make it look cool. She is a jack of many trades, you might actually remember seeing her in TenOverSix's look books or modeling products up on the their online store. She was the honorary shop girl! She and her husband, Nate moved to New York several months ago along with their hairless cats and we all miss them a ton.

Here is what she picked as her top 5 classic pieces.


1. I think a PAIR OF CUTE OR BRIGHT SOCKS are an essential in every girl (or boy!)'s drawer! i have a pair of floral Japanese socks that i wear much too often. i think a cute pair of socks will cheer up any boring outfit.

2. OXFORD SHOES. A definite must must have. whether they're vintage or (my personal favorite) dieppa restrepo (pictured here and via tenoversix)!
While living in LA i practically lived in my oxfords, i've invested in 3 pairs of dieppa's in different shades, and do not regret it! now i live in brooklyn, the snow is finally started to melt, so i wore my burgundy dieppa's the other day, for the first time in almost 3 months. i think owning good quality shoes is important.


3. A NICE PIECE OF JEWELRY. i think every girl should have at least one nice signature necklace, it's a good investment, b/c you can wear it everyday & make simple outfits look unique! you can also layer up a nice piece cheaper items--
i wear my unearthen necklace everyday, and pair it so often with my little bow necklace from anthropology. i have had my sites set on anndra neen's six part necklace (pictured here) for-ev-er, may just happen for me one of these days.

LISKA-OVERSIZEDTOPS by Rowena Sartin posted by Clouds and Candy Blog

4. If I had to just pick ONE out of the five pieces here, I would have to go with an OVER SIZED CARDIGAN.
but to be a little bit more broad, maybe i should say an over sized top-- since most of my tops are over sized. Pictured here are from Rowena Sartin via Iko Iko. I have vintage knit sweaters, and new knit cardigans. i also sell a lot of my vintage clothing on my etsy shop.

Liska-Leggings by Bodkin Classic Series on Clouds and Candy Blog

Lastly, to wear with my over sized tops and sweaters, I always have a PAIR OF LEGGINGS/ JEGGINGS or SKINNY JEANS, or tights w/ a short skirt. so leggings, would be another classic must have piece! (try uniqlo & h&m for cheap ones that do the trick! or tenoversix for those amazing bodkin leggings)

Thanks, Lisa! Visit her blog HERE and shop her vintage store HERE.


yelizabeta said...

i love your blog!

liska is a sweet friend from a long time ago - she's always been a style inspiration for me personally :) yay for featuring her!

olga said...

lovely feature of a lovely girl. her shoe selection is a bad influence on me :)

i'll definitely be checking back for your next feature!

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