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The Classic Series: CAYLA

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For this week's Classic Series, I decided to ask my friend, Cayla. She and I met about 3 years ago through Brandon, her boyfriend & bassist of Rooney. After many bottles of Pinot Grigio, nights spent talking by fire pits, and our mutual endearment for Aretha Franklin, we've become great friends. After starting this series I decided she'd be a perfect fit for it. What can be more classic than solid colors, flattering fits, flats and complimentary accessories? I mean, it just screams CLASSIC!
Cayla's got a really clean and natural style and I think it's something that everyone can relate to whether you're buying your clothes from Madewell or you're sifting through the racks at Goodwill.

We met up with her at her Los Angeles loft to discuss her top 5 wardrobe classics. When it came to taking the photos, we decided that taking them at her home would best represent her and her style.

Here are her 5 Classics:

01-Solid Basics

1. SOLIDS: I like the boldness and simplicity of solids. I'm a white tee girl through and through.

02-1 Skinny Jeans

2. SKINNY JEANS: Can't live without 'em.

02-2 Skinny Jeans


3. DIY: Why do people wear shirts with labels they aren't creatively connected to?

Cayla belongs to a creative VJ group called COLLABO and they made these shirts for a huge show that they were a part of. It's special because its something she's part of creatively and she still wears it all the time. It's got history which is what Cayla loves.


Cayla lives in a loft space with musicians and it came with its own studio live room for recording music. I'd imagine its pretty convenient for them to just go in there and jam whenever they want since its sound proof. My brother lives there so I go in there from time to time to see how they have it set up because its totally different every single time. They screen printed the wall paper which I think fits into Cayla's whole DIY style.


4. INHERITED & GIFTED JEWELRY: A ring from my grandmother, stamped earrings Sally brought from Morocco, a turquoise-filled coin charm made by my father, a plastic diamond ring from 7-year-old Joe Delaney, and a multi-colored chain from Kiki.
I have a good story about the plastic diamond ring. When I was a sophomore in high school, I got asked to Winter Ball by a popular guy called Brian. I begged my mom to let me get my hair and nails done, which we didn't have money for, saved up for the dress, everything! I was so excited. Brian turned out to be a horrible dinner date. Dumb as a rock. At the dance, he immediately ditched me for his ex. I was so sad and embarrassed. I tried to leave early, but a girl friend caught up to me and handed me a jewelry box from her little brother, who was only 6. She said, "I don't know, he really wanted you to have this." In the box was a note: "Hi Cayla This is from me Joe I hope you like it." I could tell by his handwriting that he was just learning to write. Under the note was a plastic gold and diamond ring. I forgot all about the lame guy who'd ruined my night and I wore that ring every day for years! It's chipped now, but I still wear it sometimes for confidence.


5. SMART LITTLE SHOES: Do you ever get that sinking feeling when you see a woman on the way to work, looking smart, with her hair done, fresh faced, pretty blouse, tailored skirt, and big, lame, generic brand athletic shoes? My daily routine involves a LOT of walking, so I identify with the need for comfortable feet, and I usually wear my shoes to death, but god help me if I start wearing sensible sneakers to work. What would Janelle Monáe do?

Thanks, Cayla!!! Ryan and I had such a great time shooting her.

Visit her tumblr here.


Unknown said...

i love this post! she seems like such a down to earth and creative person! love her comfortable style, and all of her DIY t-shirts and wall spaces :)

<3 steffy
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lisa cole said...

omg, hello blue blue eyes! super cute pics of cayla

Kitty said...

wow. she looks so cool.

Alice said...

yup yup. She's the coolest!

Benje Williams said...

oh word?!

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