Monday, February 7, 2011

Street Style Inspiration

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Vanessa Jackman Street Style, girls in wide leg pants, 1970s inspirations, fall 2010
Vanessa Jackman Street Style photographer, style inspiration for fall 2010, girls in khaki trench coats, boots and earth tone neutral colors
Vanessa Jackman Street Style photographer, girls in pleated leather skirt and cape coat for fall 2010 fashion week
A few street styles that caught my eye via Vanessa Jackman. I love that the 70s are back in style! well, if you ask me, it was never out of style. ha. The wide leg pants are lovely here and adds quite a bit of relaxed vibe to the outfit. Its kind of a cheat way to sorta get away with wearing pajama type pants. Let those legs free from those tight skinny jeans. You feel me?
I also love the coats. The camel coat and the khaki trench are two essentials that every girl should have in her closet. I especially was intrigued that the camel coat is very long which will keep your legs warm and elongates you.
And the trench? I always think of Steve McQueen when I see a trench. He looks so badass in it and who doesn't want to look like this?
Steve McQueen in Bullit wearing a khaki trench coat
Steve McQueen wearing a khaki trench coat


Kristen said...

in complete agreement! wide leg pants...hooray!!



Ju'lia said...

Your blog is like heaven!!! Really I love the style that you feature on your blog!! Can't wait for the next post.

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