Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fall Trend: Long Skirts

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Fall Style Long Skirt Trend Zara Alice Baxley Outfit Post
Fall Style Long Skirt Trend Zara Up Close Up Madewell Sunset Sandal Outfit Alice Baxley
So, until the next video, I will do regular posts. I hope you liked my video and it gave you a little insight on who I am. I love fashion but I never want to take it too seriously. I like dressing up but honestly, its about having fun and being comfortable with who you are. Can't wait for the next video!
Here's my outfit for today. Been really liking long skirts as of lately. I got my skirt from Zara a week ago and really love how it fits and flows when I walk. I think it makes me look taller so, I like that. haha.
oh, excuse my hair in the close up. Ah, who cares. We don't always have to look so "perfect", right?
Have a great Wednesday!
shirt: vintage

skirt: Zara
hat: topshop
shoes: Madewell sunset sandal
bag: vintage


Cateaclysmic said...

Beautiful look, I love long skirts to xoxo

dearleila said...

you are so pretty. loving these and the long skirt. i got a long skirt at the rose bowl a few months back but you look 100x better in it.

Rita said...

You'd be proud - last year I scrounged my moms old clothes and found a ton of long skirts (patterned) that I've been rocking this fall!

When's the next video coming? Can't wait to see you guys in nYc...

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