Thursday, September 23, 2010

mori girls

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Mori Girls Japanese Street style Girls from the Forest Inspiration
Mori Girls Japanese Street style girls from the forest inspiration spoon magazine japan
I love mori girls. Mori in japanese means "forest" and a mori girl is a girl that looks like she lives in the forest among the trees and flowers. She wears long skirts and lots of layers and usually earthy tones. She is part alice in wonderland meets little red riding hood. She loves to frolic in the forest and is wholesome. A japanese magazine called Spoon is the mori girl bible.
Are you a mori girl?

visit The Mori Girl Blog for more.


City Girl (EC1) said...

Gorgeous! Love the style, so beautiful. Your blog is fab! City Girl x

Maiko said...

I'm way behind on this post, but I must say, I've always been a fan of mori girls!

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