Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Jenna Sauers: A Model Life

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Jenna Sauers Jezebel Writer and Fashion Model
My friend Jenna who I met during fashion week last winter is an incredibly talented writer for Jezebel. Hailing from the island of New Zealand, Jenna got her start in the fashion industry as a model. She has such natural beauty and a wonderful witty humor that makes you just fall in love with her in an instant. I was delighted to see that her photo was up on Garance Dore's blog! She's got incredible style without ever trying. Effortless style and legs FOR DAYS. haha. One day I will have to go back to New York and give this lovely lady a huge hug and make those homemade dress forms!

OHH and if you want to be entertained during any fashion week, I suggest you follow her twitter. ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS.

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IslandS. There are three.

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