Sunday, May 16, 2010

A New Direction

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Hey everyone,
All kinds of adjustments happening here on my blog. I have enlisted help from a friend and thought it was high time that I organized my site up a bit and tell you a little bit more about myself. I started going to school in 2005 majoring in fashion design, I was working full time and trying to go to school full time as well. It was hard but I managed to maintain on the honors roll but the economy took a toll on me and I lost my job and scholarship in the same week. It was really hard for me but I am trying to pick up the pieces, thriving on what my passion is: Fashion. I love the idea that our bodies are a canvas and that we can wake up every morning and paint it with whatever clothes we chose as a means to express ourselves! I believe personal style is such an exciting and fun way to explore yourself. Through this blog, I would like to take a journey through the many aspects of style and everything that inspires me as a fashion enthusiast, artist, designer,stylist, woman, and someone that appreciates craftsmanship.
I am excited about life and taking advantage of this time and opportunity I have to hone my craft.
The team at Igor + Andre' are the most amazing friends that have encouraged me and are showing me the ropes so for this, I am so grateful! They are a true inspiration to me.
Danny Roberts and I will be collaborating on a collection and making samples in the near future! And of course, in the meantime, you can look forward to a lot more "fun" experimental video projects.


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