Monday, March 29, 2010

Chris and Tell

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So, a good friend of mine, Danny Roberts (Igor and Andre) got the incredible opportunity to work on a drawing for Lancome. You can view it HERE. He is such an incredible illustrator! Anyway, the designer Chris Benz whom he also gotten to meet and take incredible photos of his collection (view HERE) has collaborated with Lancome to make a lipstick color called Chris and Tell. Its is the most amazing pinky coral color. In fact in such high demand, it has completely sold out. I don't buy too much make up so when I saw that it sold out, I just kind of gave up on the idea of this magical lipstick UNTIL, last night. Danny, his brother David (Dream Walking Society) and my husband Ryan Baxley were hanging out and Danny was showing me his feature in Vogue Nippon and I saw the ad for the new Chanel lipstick and how I loved the color. Then Danny was like, "OH, you like that color? Here." and tosses me Chris and Tell. I was like WHHHHHHHHHAT? haha. I was really excited. I didnt try it on last night but I did this morning and Oh my, it is such a great spring/summer color! Adds a bit of pop to your outfit. Anyway, Thank you, Danny for my lipstick and Thank you Lancome and Chris Benz for this incredible color.
You can see the color on the model from his show and Danny's illustration above as well.

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