Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer Essentials

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Decided to do my own summer essentials photo (below) inspired by the Coveteur x Vogue summer get a way essentials. My photos are no where nearly as nice as theirs obviously cause I did mine very spare of the moment and had no time to really be meticulous about it. So, sorry for the quality but the items are the main star of the photos here. As I have said before, I am ready to throw in my forever 21 towel in and trade it in for quality pieces that will last me a while. This means quality over quantity. I let go of nostalgia and got rid of most of my clothes at the garage sale I had last month so, starting over feels really great especially with summer right around the corner.

Summer Essentials : Personal Style

Here is the list of things in my summer essentials:
1. A small vintage suitcase. not too big and not too small. Just perfect for a trip to palm springs. I got this one at the flea market for less than $10 and its practically new and straight out of the 60s. I love it!

Rachel Comey wedge sandals. OBSESSED with her shoes. So comfortable and great quality. I'm usually not a heels kind of girl but these are amazing. I'd wear them everywhere with shorts or a cute sun dress.

Polka dot one peice. I wanted to be different this summer and try out a one piece swimsuit and this one is super duper cute. I know it doesn't look flattering in the photo but honestly, it fits like a glove and has that 50s feel to it. This ones from Modcloth.

Light Cardigan. I think I've had this cardigan for over 5 years. I wear it all the time. Its perfect for california's weather because its light yet still able to keep you warm if you stay later at the beach. Can't remember where I got this one but my closet is full of ones from madewell and jcrew. BEST EVER.

Moroccan Oil. This does wonders for my dry hair. Its a little pricey for a hair product but I promise its worth it if your hair has been dyed a zillion times over. It makes it shiny without being too oily.

Lastly, Karen Walker Number Six sunnies. Got these as a christmas gift. Love them. They are huge and make me look like a cartoon character. hahaha

2. A hat. Think I got this one from urban last summer. Love that its sorta big brimmed and reminds me of Bob Dylan's hat when I saw him play a few years ago.

Jean cut off shorts. I've had these for 2 years and they are still hanging in there. I added my own flare with a vintage 1940s scarf I found at the flea market.

Turquoise Cuff. I got this at the flea market as well for a steal. I still try to see if I can find one for the same price range and I always get so disappointed. My mom is so great at bargaining at the flea market and I think some of that quality has passed on to me.

Rachel Comey boots. Wasn't lying when I said I was obsessed. These were a gift from the husband for our wedding anniversary a few months ago and I wear them everywhere. The leather is super soft and it survived my outing with the boys shooting guns.

Jergens natural glow lotion. I don't buy the fancy smanshy self tanners because they are all super fake. This one actually works one shade at a time so your not yellow. It also keeps me moisturized all day.


Unknown said...

yes to polka dots and round sunnies!

<3 steffy
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wren said...

Loving your summer essentials, alice! xx

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