Thursday, April 14, 2011

let's go swimmin'

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Spring/Summer 2011: Vintage Inspirations on Swimsuit

Spring/Summer 2011: Swimsuits

So, I just saw a photo of my brother sitting in a beach chair in a kiddie pool with beer floating in it. haha Did I also mention its on top of his rooftop? haha. I instantly wanted to join in the fun. I'm an island girl through and through and enjoy warm weather so much. I can't wait for bbqs.
I usually buy my swim suits at target, its cheap and I don't have to stress out if I accidently loose the bottom or the top. Then again, they don't last very long so this time around I am going to invest in a good quality suit that will hopefully last me a few years. I am a pretty modest dresser and I am getting older, so I wanted to go for a suit that is a bit more mature. I always thought one pieces were so classy and sexy. I think Marilyn Monroe is testament to that. Here are a couple that I found and the rest that were high waisted in the same 40s-50s vibe. What do you think? All I need is my hat and sunglasses and I'm ready to wade in that kiddie pool for sure!

5. Striped one piece - again my obsession with stripes is out of control. HELP ME.

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