Saturday, June 6, 2009

June Gloom

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So the weather has been weird.  Cold and overcast on some days and somewhat sunny on others. I never know what to expect during the day anymore... Oh well.  I hope it stays sunny for good.  
I almost bought some otter pops from rite aid but at the time it was cold and rainy so I opted for a hot coco instead.  I slept in for 12 hours. wooow. It felt good.  I am well rested and my back isn't bothering me much today.  
Oh and if you are in LA go check out my friends band, Castledoor at Spaceland.  They have a residency this month every mondays! 

Outfit: Alexander McQueen for Target, Ralph Lauren sunglasses and J.Crew wedges from years ago...


Lily Clark said...

tell me about it...the weather in LA right now is so depressing...I thought it was SUMMER

love your outfit

Alice said...

Thanks, Lily.

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