Friday, October 7, 2011


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Ross Laurence
Ross Laurence
Ross Laurence
Ross Laurence
Ulia Tre by Ross Laurence via Fashion Gone Rogue

These images make me want to go frolic in the woods. Also love the fact that it was styled with pieces from H&M and Zara which makes me feel comforted that not all fashion editorals have to be high end driven. Sure, I'd love a $5,000 dress from Alexander McQueen but honestly, the price tag is a bit steep and I wouldn't know where I could go to even have a chance to wear such a beautiful garment. haha. I keep thinking of what Bill Cunningham kept point out in his documentary, BIll Cunningham, New York. He loves capturing street style because its a completely different element of fashion. Its practical fashion. What people actually wear when they are out and about vs. what we wish we were wearing, capturing these beautiful candid moments.

Hope all is well. Have a great weekend!


Fé... said...

Have a wonderful weekend to you too. Thanks for sharing the lovely images :)

Studio Duermevela said...

i love this combination with nature...
wonderful editiorial

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