Tuesday, October 4, 2011

bring um all back to life

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photos by Erez Avissar

I had the amazing opportunity to see Feist last month as part of a in studios concert series through Yahoo and Starbucks. It was such an incredible performance and I am once again smitten by her as I was many years ago when I saw her first play at a tiny bar in Solano Beach. I think there was a total of 20 people. I was in complete shock how such a huge sultry voice came out of this tiny woman! Anyway, her new album, Metals just came out today. Do yourself a favor and get it. This album feels like more of her earlier stuff but with more depth and a kind of haunting vibe. I'm telling you, there are some catchy lines that sorta creep in your head and end up singing at random times of the day.

some favorite tracks: How Come You Never Go There
Comfort Me

If your hesitant, peep the live performances I was at HERE via Yahoo.

The above photos are from a secret show a few days ago in the Church of Intersession in Harlem. Looks pretty magical, doesn't it?

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