Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A whole lotta Knitted Love

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Stumbled across Nanna van Blaaderen's knitted work. I am speechless. They are beautiful and nothing short of amazing. I love to knit but I rarely have the patience to endure the countless hours you need to put in to create a simple sweater. I did make a scarf once a long time a go and it even had a intricate cable knit in it! Perhaps I should get back into it. Oh the possibilities are endless for projects. There's not enough days in the year to possibly do all these things I want to do!

Hope you are having a great week! We celebrated my friend, Elvis' 21st birthday last night and it was hilarious since he doesn't look younger than 30 nor did any of us even realized his age since we were all older. Hahaha Happy friggen Birthday, Elvis!

knitted LOVE: Nanna van Blaaderen


Unknown said...

i want to be wrapped up in knit love :)

Kathryn said...

The knitwear looks gorgeous! I also love how you presented it in your little template; any tips on how to create one of those? I'm new to photoshop! :)

Avery @ Ornamental Habit said...

Gooorgeous! I love this! Great styling... I can see the skills you learned in blogshop are paying off. I am taking the New York course, so excited!

Thanks for sharing!

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