Thursday, June 2, 2011

Margaret Howell is my homie

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Margaret Howell Collection

Goodness. Dying over that blue blouse. Its so adorable with that touch of tomboyish style that I love! Just a few items that caught my eye browsing through her newest collection. I adore her interpretations of the tailored tom boy style. Its part english school girl meets the casual feel of J Crew. Those loafers reminds me of a phase I went through in jr high where I begged to be sent to a boarding school so I could wear cute uniforms with loafers. hahaha. I was a strange kid. Such a funny thing to want. Anyway, Margaret is my home girl. She gets it. She gets me.

Margaret Howell Collection


Unknown said...

theres so many cute things i wouldnt know how to choose!

<3 steffy
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yelizabeta said...

i love this!!

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