Thursday, May 19, 2011

Taking it all in...

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Florist: Saipu
Florist: Saipu
Florist: Saipu
Florist: Saipu
photos taken by Jennifer Causey

To stay in my new obsession of gardens, I found these beautiful photos of Saipu Floral Studio in Brooklyn, NY. Doesn't Sarah make such beautiful arrangements? *sigh* I wish I could get my flowers there! I really am starting to see how flowers can add so much color and warmth to any place. I miss the old fashioned idea of giving natural beauty to someone as a gift. Living in Los Angeles where materialism is everywhere you look, its nice to step back and realize that beauty really does come from places that we sometimes take for granted. I'm opting for flowers the next time I'm consumed with what to buy as a gift. I encourage you today to stop, listen and take in the beauty outside. Most days I'm cooped up in front of my laptop working but from now on I will be limiting my time online and take Ralph Lauren's advice and start living.

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Unknown said...

so many pretty flowers!

<3 steffy
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