Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The rare bird and her nest

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Iris Apfel: Rare Bird
I'm sure you all know about the outrageous and lovely Iris Apfel, one of my style icons. I love her mix of colors and how she isn't afraid to wear anything. Check out my style icon post on her a few months back, HERE. I was browsing on architectural digest magazine and stumbled upon these lovely pictures of her house and I was floored. But of course, who could expect less from this lady. Her house is as amazing as her wardrobe. Freaking out over her mix of patterns, colors and mixing in ornate antiques into it all. WOW. Love it. If only I had a zillion dollars to make my 650 sq ft place as magical as hers.... *sigh*.

Hope you all are having a great week!

Iris Apfel: Rare Bird
Iris Apfel: Rare Bird


olga said...

seriously, its women like that that make me look forward to being really old and wrinkly :)she is adorable!


You don't know the real story so you should not excuse her so quickly..
We know Iris personally and have visited her place in NY, so it was much more an offense to be copied by her..
She didn't even dare to call to apologize, and she hanged up the phone on me when I tried to get an explanation : what an icon..
And now about HSN people ,our name is at the back of the toucan, obviously no one bothered to search who we were..This is sad..

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