Wednesday, May 18, 2011

a league of his own: a tribute to Ralph Lauren

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Ralph Lauren: a look back

I don't watch much tv let alone the Oprah show but I will be glued to the tv today as she interviews my hero, Ralph Lauren. It will be his first interview in 20 years. 20 years! That is crazy. I've always been so mystified by him. He seems like such a cool guy, staying so true to himself. His ranch alone is to die for. I love his interpretations of the all american style. He is what I would consider my first "fashion" love. My mom is even more of a fanatic about Ralph and everything she owns is Ralph Lauren. She gets it, she appreciates what he did and still does for fashion. So naturally my first exposure is from my mother dressing me in polo shirts and sweaters. There's something so genuine, unique and completely western about Ralph.
He is proof that you can do anything, if you trust your instinct and work really hard. With no formal design education, he studied business instead and was lucky enough to meet someone who was willing to take a risk and help launch his career and legacy.

I love you, Ralph!

Ralph Lauren: a look back

Ralph Lauren Spring 2011 Collection

Ralph Lauren: a look back
Ralph Lauren: a look back
RALPH LAUREN: a look back

Ralph Lauren's Colorado Ranch


Ralph at age 22

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