Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Feeling blue

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Chambray: Trends
Hi guys,
Sorry for the lack of posts. My mom was visiting me and we've been cooking up a storm. She is such a great cook and taught me over 10 recipes while she was here including her infamous beer batter fish tacos. Mmmm. So good! I had so much fun hanging out with her. We both enjoy thrifting a lot so we did just that. Call me crazy but we woke up early everyday this past weekend to go to estate sales and garage sales. We also hit up all the local thrift shops and bought some great household items. My mom collects vintage pyrex's ranging from the 1940s to the 1970s. Her collection is pretty amazing. I will have to take photos of it next time I go home. Unfortunately, Ryan got sick this weekend and he never gets sick :( Hopefully he feels better.

ANYWAY, today's post is about my favorite piece in my wardrobe and has been a classic of mine since I've been in high school. In fact the first garment I ever made was made from chambray and I still wear it till today. To me chambray is part of me. I've noticed that it has started to pick up as a popular trend in the past couple of years and I am so glad. Here are a few street style photos that I love. Especially the little girl. HOW ADORABLE IS SHE?!! Also the collection below is from the beloved french line, A.P.C. I am such a big fan! The different shades of blue remind me of summer and riding bikes in the sunshine.

Chambrays: APC Spring 2011

Chambrays: APC

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Coury Combs said...

Give me a break with that little girl! Her stance is hilarious!

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