Friday, April 8, 2011

Good day, sunshine

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Spring: Outfit Personal Style by Alice Baxley Spring 2011

An outfit post for you today. Think we took it right before we left. Can't believe I went from wearing shorts and sandals to coats and boots. haha. I will be excited to get back to warmer weather, thats for sure. I'm having fun out here though. Not wanting to go home just yet... Went bowling yesterday and there were these crazy clown people dressed up in wigs and the make up. It was really strange and creepy at the same time. I hate clowns. They freak me out haha. Ever since that Stephen King movie, IT....
*sigh* anyway, I'm about to start my day and get some food. Was thinking of going to Five Leaves for lunch.


Unknown said...

adorable striped shirt! casual but so chic!

<3 steffy
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Cheryl said...
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