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The Classics Series: Coury Combs

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Happy Wednesday! Up next in our classic series is the lovely Coury Combs of Fancy Tree House. If you are just joining us for the first time, to recap from last week, I am doing a series on 5 Essential Classic Pieces from different girls wardrobes. I think its a great way to share personal style as well as discussing what's important to each of us in different ways.

Check out last weeks post of my super cute friend, Liska Cole, HERE.

Here is Coury's top 5 essentials from her wardrobe. Some of you might recognize her from her vintage Ebay store, Fancy Tree House. She has an undying love for clothes and quit her full time job as a hair stylist to persue her dreams, surrounding herself with the beautiful garments. No one loves to shop like this girl, I tell you. How she finds the cutest things, I'll never know.

Fancy Tree House Coury Combs Classic Series Trousers

1. A great pair of TROUSERS. Can never go wrong with them. They just never go out of style. These ones are from TBA's collection via ASOS.

Vintage Dress

2. A breezy SPRING DRESS will always make me swoon! Vintage dresses or vintage inspired dresses are a must.


3. LOAFERS. Can't get enough of them. I have them in all different colors. These mint green ones are from Dieppa Restrepo.

Cape Coat

4. CAPE COAT. Capes are trendy as well, but can't you see an adorable girl wearing this in 1960?

Clog Sandals

5. The CLOG SANDALS. I love these white Rachel Comey's or the Classic Swedish Hasbeens.

Coury's signature look is, if you haven't noticed yet....PINK! Here's a few photos from her blog that I pulled. You have to admit, even if you don't like pink, she does look PRETTY IN PINK.

Signature Look: Pink

Thanks, Coury! Visit her blog, HERE & visit her cute Ebay Store, HERE.

Stay tuned for an interview with her in a different post!

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Unknown said...

ah I love Coury, she is hands down in my top ten bloggers. and she never repeats an outfit EVER!!!!

<3 steffy

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