Saturday, December 18, 2010

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Alice Baxley Christmas Wishlist Marc Jacobs watch Comme de Garcon wallet Rachel Comey Mars Boots Dream Collective bracelets Clare Vivier bag Mociun ring Madewell oxfords
Alice Baxley Christmas Wishlist Breville Panini Press Casserole Dish and Cuisine Art Food Processor

Just a few things on my wish list this year. I'm dying over the heart shaped le creuset cast iron casserole stovetop. gahhh. so adorable to cook with. Never thought I'd be such a cooking nerd this year. I went from one expensive hobby to the next ha ha.

1. Marc Jacobs watch
2. Dream Collective Bracelet
3. Rachel Comey Mars Boot
4. Comme de Garcon wallet
5. Madewell Oxford Shoes
6. Mociun Ring
7. Karen Walker Number Six Sunglasses
8. Clare Vivier Bag
9. Cuisineart Food 16 cup Food Processor
10. Cuisineart ice cream maker
11. Williams and Sonoma 6 peice bakeware
12. Pizza Stone
13. Breville Panini Press
14. Le Creuset Heart Shaped Cast Iron Casserole stovetop

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