Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Totokaelo picks

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totokaelo outfit posts fall 2010 inspiration fashion
totokaelo outfit post fall 2010 inspiration fall fashion
totokaelo outfit post fall 2010 fall fashion inspiration
A few of my favorites from Totokaelo's outfit. Been really into simple neutral shades with coats that have a baggy fit. This girl even has the same hair is me and could be part asian like me as well.
Sorry for the slowing down of posts. I know I say this a lot but starting monday, I will be working more on the blog. I will finally have internet at home and am investing in a good tripod and other things as well that will help me make more videos.

1 comment:

marisa said...

i love the outfits at totokaelo. and this model is beautiful~ I am half japanese, and I feel like she must be part asian... like you said ;)

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