Thursday, May 20, 2010

Street Style: A Lil Spring Inspiration

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spring summer street style girl in high waisted jeans and clogs girl in clog boots and trench coat
spring summer street style girl in overall shorts and girls in summer dresses
spring summer street style girl in blue gingham summer dress and jeans shorts on bike and girl with white shorts and boots with bike
spring summer street style girl in shorts and hat and girl in tailored pants with leather briefcase purse

Some inspiration for my outfits this spring through summer. I am drawn to more of an european classic style this spring with lots of clog sandal/ boots that would go together with either a 50s summer dress or 70s inspired high waisted jeans or jean short-overalls. I love the comfortable and relax vibe and I want my outfits look like they werent trying to hard but I do not want to look sloppy either. An effortless style :) I feel there is a good balance of that in these photos. I am excited to fix my overalls and get those in rotation through my wardrobe.
Another great accessory that I would like to include this spring and summer is the use of my beach cruiser bike. Its been a while since that baby has been roaming the streets and its high time I get off my lazy butt and start using it to run errands. ;)

all images by mr newton

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