Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Camp: Nina Persson

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I have been a long time Cardigans fan.  Ive always wanted to see them play but alas, they never come to the states. Nina Persson's voice is dreamy but has also an edge to it! Anyway, I found out that her solo project called A Camp is playing at the Troubadour next month!  I am so intrigued by Swedish culture, their history and heritage. Their interpretation of fashion is so cute! (afterall, H&M originated there) I spent way too much money while on my visit a few years back and it definantly made me want to see and explore more of Sweden.  Here are a few pics of Nina, The Cardigans and a video of her taking us out on her hometown.  If you love learning about different cultures and places, take a look and see how secluded her town really was.  The Cardigans have come a long way!


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